Roofing Contractor

Special Touches, Special Attention

We do all our own roofing on the homes we build, delivering a roof that is beyond your expectations. 

Now offering...

  1. Roof snow & ice dam removal services, contact us to set up an account

  2. Free quotes to assess roofs for potential winter problems like ice dam damage

Slate: Constructed from local slate quarried in Granville, VT, slate roofs contribute to the long-term value of your home.  A natural stone product, slate is fire-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Asphalt: Simple and clean lines, asphalt is affordable with low on-going maintenance.. Asphalt will perform well even in extreme weather conditions. Every color you can think of, and a 30 to 40 year guarantee.

Cedar Shakes: The Mercedes Benz of roofs, these roofs weather beautifully and no two are exactly alike. Architecturally designed, your roof will gain character as it ages.

Standing Seam: Perfect for steep pitches with a long life span, metal roofs come in beautiful colors that are right for many traditional designs.

Rubber Slate: Authentic slate-looking recycled rubber tiles emulates the look, feel and longevity of natural slate. It is substantially lighter in weight.  Longest product warranty on the market.  Resists freeze-thaw, denting and decay, fire safe, eco friendly being 80% recycled materials.

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