New Home Framing Progress on Modern Home

These photos are of a recent job in Manchester, VT. They show the ongoing framing on the final phase of this project. The weather has been a challenge, sub-zero chills along with late season snows have tempered our progress but such is building in the mountains of Vermont.

The interior work has us beginning to tile the floors and the bathroom on the second phase along with interior trim work, we will post photos as that scope of work progresses.

Because of the nature of this project, which had excessive spans and tall walls, we used engineered wood in all applications. We think it is important to take a minute to better understand the components, specifically what they are and where they were used in this construction.

Engineered wood is a term used for man-made wood products that bind or fix fibers, strands or veneers of wood together using adhesives and pressure to manufacture structural components that are true and straight and have superior design strength. These components provide exceptional performance while efficiently using our valuable natural resources.

The components we use are manufactured by Weyerhaeuser’s Trus-Joist division. Below is a brief description of all the components along with where they were used in our project.      

The floor joists and ceiling joists are Trus Joist® TJI®. They are the cornerstone into creating a high-performance floor or roof system. The dimensional stability of TJI joists help them resist warping, twisting and shrinking that can lead to squeaks. They are lightweight and come in long lengths, which makes them faster and easier to install than traditional framing.

All of the horizontal carrying beams and headers are Microllam® LVL. They are dimensionally stable and provide consistent performance. Their laminated construction resists warping and shrinking while creating the perfect design component to support heavy loads. 

The framing lumber for the exterior tall walls, interior petitions and sill plates are TimberStrand LSL. LSL framing lumber is straight and free of knots. Like other engineered lumber products, they are dimensionally consistent and resist twisting, shrinking and bowing after installation. They ensure the walls are true and straight which make cabinet and window/trim installation go extremely smooth. 

Any vertical support is Parallam® PSL columns. They are very strong and consistent in dimension. The manufacturing process uses veneer strands, allowing a significant percentage of each log to become a high-grade structural member.

We will continue to post updates as this project continues. Windows, siding and exterior deck finishes are next on the list. We will be doing a custom deck railing system using stainless steel posts and stainless steel cable to help maintain an unobstructed view while seated on the deck.